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Board of Directors

Heading into 2020 we have 10 returning board members as well as 3 new board members. Our board is comprised of mountain, gravel, road, track and cyclocross racers and riders, with a wide age variety and geographical location span bringing great diversity to the leadership of our club. We look to carry on our successes of the past and are always looking for new ideas so reach out to us if you have ideas for our club in 2020!

Elected Positions

Michelle Hollberg
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Michelle Hollberg - President
Michelle Hollberg
After I started riding again in 2014 I quickly realized that my joy is found on a bike.  And, that bike people are my people.  Anything from a coffee ride to the gaps and beyond. Let’s ride!

Saskia Hoppe
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Saskia Hoppe - Vice President
Saskia Hoppe
Vice President
Originally from the Netherlands, I've been riding bikes since before I could walk (how else does one get to school?), however didn't get into road cycling and the social aspect until moving back to Atlanta where I've slowly been sucked into not just road riding, but also mountain, track and more recently, gravel!

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Lea Rolfes - Treasurer
Lea Rolfes
After 15 years with my head down in aerobars training and racing triathlons, I wanted to rekindle my joy of riding and not be so darn serious all the time. I've so enjoyed exploring, socializing and being inspired by you incredible, badass women! More adventures ahead!

Lauren Haws
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Lauren Haws - Secretary
Lauren Haws
Bikes bring me freedom to explore new places and see new things. I love to see more women on bikes and hope to instill the love of adventure in my daughter!

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Kristen Kreisel - Membership
Kristen Kreisel
I started cycling in 2017 and after months of riding solo found Sorella through the AC Vinings ride. Given the proximity of my house to the Silver Comet, I do most of my riding there, but ventured out a lot more in 2019 and completed my first metric century in September to commemorate my 40th birthday!

Appointed Positions

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Diane Schleicher - Sponsorship Director
Diane Schleicher
Sponsorship Director

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Carol Lipinski - Events Director
Carol Lipinski
Events Director
I believe there is no better way to exercise, commute, and travel the world than on a bike. The Sorella logo, with the wind blowing through a girl’s hair, says it all!

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Jennifer Klein - Race Team Director
Jennifer Klein
Race Team Director
Cycling has been a lifelong passion for me, whether as race team director for Sorella, or climbing mountains in North Georgia or France. I get excited just getting out there on a bicycle, whether riding around or preparing for a big event or race, especially if it's with my awesome Sorella teammates and friends.

Teri Danielson
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Teri Danielson - Ride Coordinator
Teri Danielson
Ride Coordinator
Bicycle adventures, whether around the neighborhood or around the country, bring happiness to my life. As a Sorella, supporting women who ride adds the opportunity to be a advocate for our sport and encourage participation with our presence in our community. Ride on!

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Natasha Williams - Newsletter Editor
Natasha Williams
Newsletter Editor
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Angela Barros
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Angela Barros - Clothier
Angela Barros
I started biking with my husband and his friends in 2013. In 2014, I attended an Atlanta Cycling/Trek event geared toward ladies and met the nicest ladies, you guessed it Sorellas! Weeks later I joined Sorella and from day one I have learned so much from my Sorella sisters and enjoy the company on and off the bike!

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Tina Evans - Graphic Designer
Tina Evans
Graphic Designer

While we have an assigned set of Board of Directors we can always use help and ideas throughout the year. Reach out to us at [email protected] if you would like to be involved any any specific aspect of the club!