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Epic Birthday Flat Ride Part 1: Changing rear wheels with disc brakes and thru axles

Carol Lipinski | Published on 8/9/2020

sorellas changing a flat
3 weeks ago, 4 Sorellas headed out on a 90+ degree Saturday for a 60+ mile birthday ride.  Thirty miles in one of us quickly flatted from what appeared to be sharp metal on the road.  Bummer, but no problem, since we all have the proper supplies and knowledge we need to quickly change that flat, right?  Well...., let's just say we had quite a few hiccups, and I'm embarrassed to say, that that rear flat cost us another hour in the summer heat.  

So, let's vow to be prepared and practice changing those rear flats, especially now that many of us have electronic shifting and disc brakes, to add more degrees of difficulty!

Below is a short YouTube on removing rear wheels with disc brakes and thru tubes. Later I will post a couple other videos that give tips for some of the other problems we encountered on that epic birthday flat day.  Watch and ride on in confidence!