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Thinking about being a ride leader?

Linda Rathje | Published on 4/18/2022

Gentle Gravel Grind March 2022
Maybe you haven’t thought about it… but would you consider it?
Sorella is looking for individuals or teams willing to lead a one off, monthly or weekly rides.

What does it take?
Do you have a favorite bike ride you’d like to show to others? Road, mountain or gravel…all options are possible.

Do you have a preferred day of the week or time of day? Maybe you work on weekends, but like to ride on Thursdays? Or maybe you are looking for a recovery ride – a real recovery ride – on Monday after a hard weekend of riding. Maybe you want to try something new – but would enjoy the company of others or safety of riding in a group. Maybe the leader of your favorite ride has moved, and you’d like to keep the ride going. Or your ride was cancelled during COVID, and you miss it dearly.

It does not take much to lead a ride!
  1. Knowledge of the route

  2. A willingness to commit to a scheduled time.

  3. a. I suggest advanced notice of a minimum of two weeks to get info on the Sorella

  4. You decide what you can take on. It can be a one-time commitment, once a month, bi-monthly, or once a week.

  5. If you have a friend that is willing to tag team with you that might be nice

  6. Help to formulate the ride description. Set expectations. Include “what to expect”

  7. a. No drop
    b. Beginner’s welcome
    c. Intermediate
    d. Light to moderate traffic
    e. Gravel bike recommended
    f. No ride if raining
    g. Hilly
    h. Recovery ride
    i. All ride levels welcome…

I (Linda) will get information on the Sorella calendar, and it will be announced in the weekly RTR. A few days before, you or I can post a friendly reminder on Facebook.

That’s it. Go ahead. Try leading a ride and gather your Sorella sisters for a fun time! Email if you're interested in (co)leading a ride!