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2023 Cyclocross Clinic

Trish Albert | Published on 9/10/2023

Darcy Grimes hosted her annual cyclocross clinic on Saturday, August 19 at Logan Farm Park in Acworth, GA. Joining her were Leanne Gould, Trish Albert, and Saskia Hoppe.


Riders learned critical cyclocross skills like how to dismount and remount when necessary to go over the barriers or up steps or a steep hill. Trish threw in her “famous” (or infamous??) high flying remount demonstration. Darcy showed two ways to carry your bike. The suitcase carry is the one that most people think about when they see a cx racer carrying their bike. Hands go on the flat bar of the drop bar and the top tube to lift the bike. The second way involved putting the bike over your shoulder and carrying it comfortably. This is useful for steep hills or carrying the bike longer distances such as through a sand pit.

Discussing cornering techniques.


Clinic participants also did several cornering drills, learning how to lean the bike and not themselves. They weaved in and out of cones several different ways to practice.


The final skill done was putting everything together and going over practice barriers. They did it slowly at first and then at race pace.


It was great being able to practice cyclocross skills before the season and pick up a tip or two I didn’t know.

Leanne and Saskia practice cornering in the field at Logan Farm Park.

Darcy discusses cyclocross bike fit.

Darcy sets up cones for cornering practice.