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Sasquatch Scrambler 2021

Darcy Grimes | Published on 6/17/2021

Sasquatch Scramber 2021 Darcy Grimes
I’ll admit I originally signed up for this mountain bike race because it’s named “Sasquatch Scrambler” and who doesn’t want to do a race that has Sasquatch as the mascot?!? The race started as a mass start with 300 people on a foggy, rainy Saturday morning. This was the first year for the race so we were all standing on the start line talking about how we thought the race was going to go and giving each other tips on sections of the trail. (Okay, really I didn’t know anything about the course and was instead listening to people give tips.) Once we started I quickly realized all of the tips I had heard would definitely help me out!

The course was a mix of gravel, double track, single track, and some pavement. It all felt very “Pisgah”. About halfway through the race it started raining which made the single track pretty slick. There were a couple of steep uphills that would have been ridable but with the rain and mud they turned into slippery “hike a bikes”.

Sasquatch Scrambler 2021 Darcy Grimes
Just as I was coming through the finish line the downpour started. And when I say downpour I mean total downpour. Hard to see, soaking wet in seconds. I was so grateful to have finished when I did because I can’t imagine how difficult some of the single track sections would be in the pouring down rain!

Although I never had a Sasquatch sighting, I was thrilled to have come in 2nd for my age group and 3rd overall female finisher! The name of the race may have sparked my interest into registering but the race and course itself will definitely bring me back!

All images by Icon Media of Asheville